Monday, May 14, 2012

Travel Day & Days 1-3

Ok, so I’ve decided it is time to write a little more about my adventure so far. Lets begin with the travel day.

Travel Day:
I was stressed. Surprise surprise. It’s generally difficult for me to pack for a weekend trip, but a whole 3 months, now that seemed impossible. I decided to bring one checked bag, one carry on and my backpack. My checked bag could only weigh 50 lbs or else I would incur a large fee, so it took some rearranging and some “Tetris” like maneuvers to get the bags packed efficiently. I managed to bring a ton of clif bars, 4 pairs of shoes, a pair of boots and slippers, as well as full size toiletry items (shampoo/cond, etc) and all my clothing items. I call that Skill.
My flight left at 11am and I ended up sitting next to a UPS sophomore returning home to Barrow! I basically bombarded him with questions for the entire 3 hours until our layover in Anchorage. He mentioned during our long flight that during the layover in Anchorage he had to stop at McDonalds to buy a about 5 burgers to bring back to friends and family. “But they will be cold when they get there!” I said. He explained that no one would care, they don’t have fast food up there and most people bring McDonalds back from Anchorage whenever they travel. Fast food is a luxury I guess most of us take for granted. In fact, I don’t even like McDonalds. There are way better fast food options to choose from! Once I boarded the next flight I noticed several McDonald’s bags & Happy Meals bags stowed in the overhead bins. He wasn’t joking.
The flight had a quick stop in Prudhoe Bay, at the town of Dead Horse (pleasant name, huh?). From the plane, I spotted the trans-Alaskan pipeline and a stretch of the highway leading to Fairbanks. That was the last highway I’ll see for a while.
I arrived in Barrow at 6pm, but there was a miscommunication and I didn’t get picked up from the airport until 7pm. I was given a tour of the town by truck that evening and finally settled in at Rose’s house for the night. (she is the veterinary technician who is renting me a room for the summer).

The next day, I spent the morning lounging around and getting to know my new roommate/landlord/coworker/tourguide and her boyfriend. They took me on another tour around Barrow and even put up with me in the grocery store as I ooo’ed and aaaahed at the prices. Wow, I’m going to go broke on just eating food. Good thing there aren’t any malls around here.

Today was my first day at work.  The clinic is larger than I expected and the day was really busy. I helped walk some of the dogs, went on an animal control run to catch a stray dog, filled out paperwork, and set up a brand new dental machine. Everyone at the clinic was friendly and helpful, except Rose. (Just kidding, she is great!)

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